What We Export!

What We  Export!
  • Testimonial-1

    A retailer in Colombia wanted a particular brand of upscale lingerie but couldn’t obtain the large quantity she needed from the U.S. supplier. In two days, Ultimate Group filled her full order.

  • Testimonial-2

    A banker from Mexico wanted to buy a $130,000 yacht from a U.S. dealer. He asked Ultimate Group to get him the best price. We negotiated a $30,000 discount.

  • Testimonial-3

    The proprietor of a health food store in Brazil wanted a specific brand of protein bars but the manufacturer would only ship products within the U.S. So Ultimate Group purchased the products and shipped them to Brazil.

  • Testimonial-4

    An architect in Venezuela chose a certain designer’s chairs for his corporate office but couldn’t get them delivered to his country. Ultimate Group purchased the chairs in the U.S. and shipped them to his address.

  • Testimonial-5

    The owner of a BMW in Panama needed a specific part for his car that local mechanics didn’t stock. Ultimate Group obtained the part and shipped it to him within two days.